I hope this finds you well, as you may have heard I recently announced my candidacy for Congress 27th District. I’m reaching out to all my friends and acquaintances to ask for their support in this endeavor. As many of you may already know I worked as an MD and healed many patients for 34 years in Corpus Christi! I served this community as a Doctor and now want to continue serving District 27 as your voice, defender and advocate.


Creating more jobs for Texans, the growth of small businesses and more local jobs for Texans are my goals. I will focus on economic growth, vitality, and a high quality of life. "Together, we can send a loud and clear message that we are ready for real representation in Washington! I love the people of our state of Texas and we need and deserve something better than what we are getting from Washington! We need and deserve a congressman that can make that happen, I’m asking for your vote because I believe that Together, we can Succeed."



Dr. Marty Perez

Political ad paid for by the Dr. Marty Perez Campaign for Congress 27th District.